China Airlines Tianhong Household Video Surveillance System Possibilities (figure) – Movie

China Airlines Tianhong Residential Video Surveillance Program Options (figure) – Video
Recent years, with China’s quick financial development, metropolitan and rural residents the conventional of lifestyle has actually enhanced significantly, particularly in metropolitan living problems are enhancing, people in resolving the housing problem, the greater concerned with whether residing protection individuals into the purchase, the protection will be analyze if the level of noise home management is a vital condition. Especially those itinerant criminal Crime particles, usually chosen residential part of the assault, burglary, robbery, murder instances often occur, the previous report by district-based security to civil atmosphere security Prevention actions can not meet people’s requirements. Usage of protection technology for security and avoidance to begin with a type of deterrent influence on crooks, such that it can’t easily commit crimes. For instance the district’s security measures, door and window switches Alarm are able to find the full time and put of committing the criminal activity of crooks, so that it can’t effortlessly fingers.

1, Intelligent Community Video Surveillance Program

Intelligent movie surveillance system is an integral part of the story, the primary land of this crucial import and export collection, each product home Parking lot Import and export, and differing public venues and other crucial aspects of movie surveillance images, in order that region workers on duty in the real time monitoring the specific situation throughout the region on-site; and in a position to get a handle on each video clip photos, real time record and playback video file retrieval, administration center through the system remote monitoring and control.

Digital video surveillance system, through illumination shade camcorder accumulated on-site circumstance, the image sign transmitted by the video transmission cable to your DVR safety center. Digital video clip surveillance system has many features, and people can meet with the needs associated with scene.

Residential video clip surveillance methods utilized equipment is: TOYA SAV9000TH Embedded Network movie Monitoring number, TOYA-600V high-definition shade to black digital camera, TOYA-S809TH smart constant rate dome camera composition.

Smart Community Movie Tracking System functions:

System is right attached to 16 real time movie surveillance images, tracking, recording, playback all real-time, 25 fps each way;

Multiple movie mode: time recording (in accordance with various schedules, the time set different work), movie, mobile security recording, regular video clip, three kinds of video mode

Multi-task: tracking, tracking, playback, remote transmission are simultaneously, remote / on-site tracking;

System immediately switches the picture is recycled, switching time adjustable; video clip files with adjustable period of time;

Easy to start / cover the digital camera, numerous password-protected;

Program log and community logs, obviously registers the operating-system user on the system events and system login customer login user name and time;

Special electric map, when the alarm is triggered instantly pop-up warning electronic map, fabric / disarm can be set to various schedules and will be fortified;

Address signal modifications never change the decoder target signal, just change the camera channel number, baud rate flexible;

Lock display screen function, just authorized people can only just operate on the system to prevent unauthorized users to operate and excellent so that the normal operation associated with the system;

In monitoring the same time frame, with no upsurge in range because of the present computer community, the entire using sources. Any authorized customer may whenever you want observe and capture video pictures of control things;

Rights management system with exclusive system is divided into multi-level management expert. Senior liberties officer, are directly through remote computer system remote control to change different display output, PTZ surveillance viewpoint, telescopic lens, focusing also functions;

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